Pengkisahan Tokoh PAS - Dr Burhanuddin Al-Helmy

Tahukah anda Dr Burhanuddin Al Helmy sanggup meninggalkan keluarganya di Singapura untuk ke Tanah Melayu dan memimpin PAS ke arah memperjuangkan kemerdekaan di negara ini? Siapakah pula yang telah memujuk beliau menyertai gerakan ini?

Ikuti pengkisahan tentang tokoh PAS Dr Burhanuddin Al Helmy berdasarkan buku Menerjang Badai tulisan Dr Riduan Md Nor pada hari Jumaat 21 Februari 2014 Jam 1030 Malam.


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  1. Why you (YIP KUM FOOK or cheating people wife at Kepong) do people cheat on people they love? Because they want to be accepted, respected, loved, wanted, or praised (the things they likely feel they aren't getting in their current relationship). The reasons vary from person-to-person, but they're all about a need the person is trying to get met.
    From: Mr Lee

  2. Most cheaters or YIP KUM FOOK (LAWYER) who like to cheat again and again have something in common. They fear commitment and can’t build back trust when it's lost. They sometimes feel moving on with whom they cheat with will make things easier. It is okay to forgive your partner for infidelity

    Dear Sir and Madam,
    We are Myanmar group in Malaysia; we lived in Malaysia over decade and always went to one of SAMNAK SAMBODHI Buddhist temple in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur and we were very sad and regretting with the committees of temple because they are using our monks in wrong conception of Buddhist teaching or Buddhist rules. We came to temple to help our monks and respected of our religion.
    That temple is president of name: YIP KUM FOOK(lawyer), that our monks said and he is invited our monks from Myanmar to in charge of that temple but without pay anything to our monks, added he and his not respecting of our monks and sometime he ordered of his people to collected item such as paper, mineral water etc. without inform any words to our monks. In our religious believed we can’t take anything of holy place, if we done we are sin.
    In pervious, our monk said the committees always asked money from him, when our monks gave RM20,000.00 in cash on 2001 to the committees, then committees keep silent, later committees make problem with our monk again and cancelled of our monk Visa permit to stayed in Malaysia, then our monk, Sadayaw Nandiya) go to Australia and our monk not come that temple at long time. “YIP KUM FOOK gave our monk notebook computer for to cover of that amount of money our monk said”
    Many local people around temple said, now no more people come to this temple because committees is always make problem and we are heard from local people said: YIP KUM FOOK ordered of his people to put fire of Hindu temple at Taman Daya, Kepong because he needed that place to make his business about many years ago. “Everybody known what he done for Hindu temple at Taman Daya, Kepong”

    Last time also he invited police to arrest the monks at holy place(temple) and locked the temple without afraid and shameful of people because he believed committee is big and has more authority, also his son always says to people: this temple is belonging of his father. “This temple donated from public, we are work hard for this temple”

    This temple the committees always changed the monks, now they change the new monk to in charge of temple, this new monk also complaint the bad things of committees because committees also wait for donation box only, they without help anything to our monks. And committees controlled of our monks not to talk more or complaint more, our monks lived there as slaver and afraid of committees’ members.

    In new building where remaining of Buddha statue marble; we have renovation of Buddha statue because that Buddha statue is put very low, we lift to highest the committees don’t like and unhappy. In our country, anyone be able to come temple to worship the Buddha but in Malaysia is different temple controlling by committees.
    We hope everyone preserve of Buddhist teachings, and please safety of our monks, not see only money as this of temple. When we asked some of our people (Myanmar) and local people, the committees are very low of idea because is very narrow mind and without education of religions. And committees will not be disturbing of our monks, monks are like our father to take care of Buddhism and temple is like our place of resolving of our problem.

    Recently, our monk (Sadayaw Ashin Indaka original from Madalay, Myanmar) has been staying in this temple also unhappy because the committees are not pay anything to him, he is working in hardly to advise people and we also unhappy and very sad when heard the bad news from our monks. Sometime the committees people came and shouting in the temple without have any reason and done what they need to do, our monk said, the committees of this temple don’t have Buddhist teachings in their mind, may be next time Buddhist can destroy.
    From Myanmar Buddhist group in Malaysia but many word complaint by local Buddhist community in Malaysia.

  4. way radios and radio administrations. To start with, more power implies more noteworthy distances.

  5. We are a SAMNAK SAMBODHI group that opened in Taman Ehsan move to Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong in 1992, then Temple has bought the place as it is now the place

    As such, we are a set of committee members for our SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong. Shia Kok Sun president at that time, then YIP KUM FOOK took over from Shia Kok Sun without any meeting

    Shia Kok Sun & family worked hard to develop our Samnak Sambodhi Buddhist Temple, when YIP KUM FOOK became president, then slowly problems arose because this YIP KUM FOOK was political, all ideas about politic

    At that time YIP KUM FOOK was the MCA in Taman Daya, Kepong, also this YIP KUM FOOK was playing politics at the Temple because he needed to gather more supporters for politics, sometimes he invited some politicians to join the ceremony at the Temple

    This YIP KUM FOOK pushed the monk out of the Temple and also called the police to arrest the Buddhist monk, then he closed the temple door and cheated people money and cheated Myanmar monk’s money

    He is called Datuk but we do not mention Datuk because we are ashamed of people, if we call him Datuk, this is a shame for our Sultan of Selangor because of the title from the sultan of Selangor

    We do not say more, everyone can research on the internet, if everyone would like to know more information about YIP KUM FOOK, please go to GOOGLE & YOUTUBE, also please share and forward to everyone

    By Ms Chan and Buddhist group, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, KL

  6. The largest rebel to Buddhist and Hindu in Malaysia who is YIP KUM FOOK and he is a lawyer in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, maybe his lawyer is fake certificate because he is not like someone who studied law. Lawyers must be at least 6 years to study, but we're the same age, but we've never seen him take that class because of YIP KUM FOOK is busy with a furniture store business in Kepong area

    He ordered the people to burn the Hindu Temple in Taman Daya, Kepong because at that time he was the MCA chairman in Taman Daya and he had power there, the other because he needed a place to set up his furniture shop business

    In Buddhism, he was the president of SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong in 1994, before the president of the temple was SHIA KOK SUN, YIP KUM FOOK this joined the committee members then he rejected SHIA KOK SUN, then he took over as president

    Happened at the SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, from him taking over the presidential temple, was never peaceful and always a problem because he was a trouble maker, pushing the old committee and various making a mess in the Temple

    Instead, he defrauded a Myanmar monk (ven. Nandiya) of about rm20,000.00, called police and gangster to remove the Buddhist monk, a monk is from Penang (Ven. Piya Dhammo), and ordered his group to lock down the temple

    YIP KUM FOOK will receive his Karma in what he does, all the GODS have seen and always commented on him and he will suffer forever in this life and the next life… all need to care about YIP KUM FOOK…

    Description by Cikgu cheong

  7. About YIP KUM FOOK, it is better to you are escape from the Kepong area because you were my good friend in the previous days until today

    YIP KUM FOOK better leave Kuala Lumpur area because someone to report to police and Sentul Police Station and Breakfield Police Station want you

    We know you make more mistakes but you can't run away from the country's laws, on last time you can solve problems with pay money to shut people-mouth up, but now it's different, now is the age of technology like the internet

    I hope, you will understand me what I said in the verses above, I love you in my heart like my brother and I will protect you from what people gossip about you..ok

    Lee, Selayang

  8. The secretary of SAMNAK SAMBODHI (YAP LEONG LAN)

  9. The secretary of SAMNAK SAMBODHI (YAP LEONG LAN) said, the temple always problems and she does not know what is always the problem and who always make problems, the problem does not stop because all donations and income from dirty money or fraudulent money

    This Temple built by Sangha members and devotees in Kepong or in Malaysia 30 years ago, the first in Taman Ehsan, moved Taman Desa Jaya, whose devotees are recorded in their minds always, need to think correctly, not destroy Buddhist shrines, the founders are not easy to set up in the beginning

    All committees need to take care of the Buddhist Temple because you work there and take care of there but, it is not easy for all things in the Temple and you need to know is the age of technology, everyone needs to use the internet for research

    Also don't make Buddha ashamed because Buddha teachings are very important for human beings in the world and don't think, Buddha teachings are for people in Kepong area only, please don't destroy Buddha because Buddha is one of the great religions in the world, UN also praises Buddha

    We know your boss YIP KUM FOOK (president of SAMNAK SAMBODHI, lawyer, datuk….) but sometimes he cannot help your forever because YIP KUM FOOK so many people gossip on him in internet

    Sharing by Buddhist group in Kepong

  10. so this YIP KUM FOOK destroyed Sangha (the monks in Buddhist) and insulted Buddhist monks in various things in Buddhist teachings, the monk came to visit Temple and he called police and gangsters to harass the Buddhist monk, the monks had to leave the Temple as soon as possible because the monks came empty-handed

    they are very happy and proud to be able to bring the monks out of the Temple at that time, but they don’t know what Sangha means, maybe they don’t know Sanghas are the Buddha followers, Sanghas are also one of the communities in Buddhist world. You have damaged one Sangha but another sanghas are still there to protect other Sanghas as well

    all religions must unite to save and protect Buddhist monks because YIP KUM FOOK (Satan, demon, spectre, phantom) destroyed Buddhist monks, as well as his son (Yip Jiun Hann) dirty mind like a father

    from MRs Phang, Taman Daya, Kepong

  11. Please see this YIP KUM FOOK cheated amounting to RM20,000.00, it belongs to VEN. U NANDIYA. Fundraising donation by Myanmar Devotees to buy large Buddhist marble for SAMNAK SAMBODHI in 2000 that Buddha Marble from Myanmar

    Information and signature in by YIP KUM FOOK and please be aware of the issue as all contributions to Buddhist teachings:

    SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE at Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. YIP KUM FOOK (MCA GOMBAK) is president, Secretary (YAP LEONG LAN) and Treasurer (NG GOOT MEE)

  12. we are a Buddhist sangha community in Penang and we need to inform all Sangha in Malaysia and abroad because the last time our monks went to visit SAMNAK SAMBODHI, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur and we monks were kicked out by the Temple president

    we are a monk in Ven. Phra Piya Dhammo was a retired Singapore CID police officer, later he became a monk in Mahindarama, Penang. He practiced under Chief monks, Dr. Ven E Indaratana Maha Thero, Mahindarama Buddhist Temple, Penang, for five years, after which he travelled for Dhamma everywhere in Malaysia

    Ven. Phra Piya Dhammo said, he was very happy and peaceful to stay temporarily in SAMNAK SAMBODHI as it was associated with the higher knowledge and education of the monks, our Bhante said all the monks were very moral and kind like brothers.

    On one occasion, YIP KUM FOOK realized and got angry at our Bhante because this YIP KUM FOOK is the president of SAMNAK SAMBODHI and has the power to get rid of anyone in the Temple but our Bhante did not do anything wrong, also this president called the police, and his thugs to drive away(kick) we monk out of the Temple

    we saved and protected our Buddhist sangha from danger and bullying from someone, you (Bhante), you are not alone, we come to help you


    Sharing by Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang

  13. di Malaysia amat memalukan kerana banyak jawatankuasa Kuil Buddha atau persatuan tidak memahami ajaran Buddha(Dhamma) dan juga tidak mengamalkan peraturan Buddha seperti mana-mana ajaran, mereka hanya menjadi jawatankuasa dan menjemput paderi asing untuk menjaga kuil sahaja

    contohnya, kuil Buddha SAMNAK SAMBODHI di Taman Desa Jaya, kepong, jawatankuasa di sana menggunakan sami Myanmar untuk menjaga, semua sami Myanmar datang ada gelaran Doktor tetapi satu perkataan juga tidak boleh bercakap dalam bahasa Inggeris. Juga, jawatankuasa sangat teruk kerana apabila mereka tidak menyukai mana-mana sami, mereka boleh mengeluarkan serta-merta

    SAMNAK SAMBODHI adalah presiden YIP KUM FOOK, ini juga sangat memalukan kerana bermain politik di kuil dan menjadikan kuil sentiasa menjadi masalah, menjadikan Buddha rendah standard, dulu YIP KUM FOOK menipu Rm20,000.00 dari sami Myanmar (Ven. U Nandiya)

    ya, jawatankuasa ini tidak malu dan takut berdosa kerana mereka menganggap kuil ini adalah jawatankuasa tertinggi daripada Sangha, KAMI tahu kuil ini daripada pengasas Sangha di Taman Ehsan dan Jalan 5 Taman Desa Jaya (berdekatan stesen Minyak BP), Kepong

    perkongsian kisah realiti oleh Ah Keong, jinjang utara

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