Google marks National Day with ‘teh tarik’ doodle

KUALA LUMPUR: Google Malaysia commemorated this year's National Day with a “teh tarik” doodle. 
On its welcome page Monday, the world "Google" had some alphabets made up of the Jalur Gemilang except for the double “O”, which carried the crescent and moon design, accompanied by two mugs normally used when making “teh tarik". 
Why "teh tarik"? Google explains, "Deep within a Malaysian street market, a teamaker spins a metal cup towards the sky. In mid-air, he turns it just so, and out pours a hot mix of tea and condensed milk. The drink speeds towards the ground - until another cup swoops in, scooping it out of the air. The tea is saved, and the wide-eyed crowd bursts into cheers!

"This is the ritual of 'teh tarik,' the national drink of Malaysia. Brewed hot, it cools and thickens as it’s slung back and forth between the teamaker’s special mixing cups. It’s not only delicious to drink, but a delight to watch. That’s why we chose it for the Malaysian Independence Day doodle, illustrated by guest artist Alyssa Winans," it said.