Lessons learned from BERSIH 4 event

"Simply said, Malay turnover in Bersih are low because PAS is not officially joining. As simple as that. No need to question anymore.

In other words:-
1. Directly or indirectly, it is PAS who have grassroots power to rally.
2. GHB, who was said to steal almost all PAS member, fail spendidly.
3. DAP continuous attack to PAS did not weaken PAS. In fact, it is stronger than before.
4. DAP psywar against PAS through Red Bean Army, also fail spendidly.
5. Mind you, PAS did not restrict its member to join. So why still the low Malay turnout? Simple answer: They refuse to swallow RBA nonsense about PAS, and they have seen past the RBA psywar.
6. BERSIH is not political? BERSIH is POLITICAL.
7. DAP, through their desperate attempts to shame PAS in BERSIH, has been shamed instead. Lower number of turnout, and even lower number of Malay percentage.
8. Dr M appearance steal the shows. Other political nemesis that spearhead BERSIH lost words...Dr M arrival easily hijack the attention from them - showing how weak their grip to their own supporter.
9. Even combination of PKR, DAP and BERSIH NGO cannot achieve half the number of PAS supporter. PAS is a force to be reckoned with.
10. BERSIH can easily be twisted by Umno by sticking racial differences in number.
11. Najib won't step down. Again, PAS has foreseen this, thus abstain from joining"
~Anonymous writer